Seat Delete Karga for Toyota Tacoma

Karga Products

The Karga comes in various sizes to provide the best fit in specific models. While we want to be able to provide Kargas to anyone wanting one, as of this moment we have focused on specific solutions for the following listed models. If you don't see your vehicle on the list and would really like a Karga, please send us an email on the contact form and we will see what we can do.  

Our initial offerings fit the: 

Toyota Tacoma

Jeep Gladiator

Toyota 4Runner

Ford F-150

Ford Ranger

Chevy Colorado

and a stand alone Karga that can be used with four equal length legs in the far back or wherever you prefer. Kargas vary because they attach to the child seat adapter on one side and the legs go down to the mat on the other side, which varies in each vehicle, which is why they are offered for specific models, otherwise you might not get a level Karga